Taylor Fatheree

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I aim to be offering a helping hand to my team when needed. If my team has a problem, then I will do my best to help solve it so that they can continue to move forward.

A Leader with a Unique Blend of Skills

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ROI Metal Buildings, Taylor Fatheree brings a wealth of experience and a well-rounded background to the table. His career trajectory, spanning over five years in the pre-engineered building industry, has equipped him with a unique blend of skills and insights into both the technical and commercial aspects of the business.

A Comprehensive Understanding of the Industry

Taylor’s prior roles at HATponics, the parent company of ROI Metal Buildings, have been instrumental in shaping his comprehensive understanding of the industry. From overseeing design teams and generating quotes to managing vendor relations and leading project management efforts, Taylor has gained invaluable hands-on experience that has prepared him for his current role as COO.

Putting Clients First: A Personalized Approach

At the core of Taylor’s approach is a deep commitment to understanding each client’s unique objectives and missions. He takes the time to listen, ask questions, and truly comprehend their needs. Armed with this knowledge, Taylor leverages the expertise of ROI Metal Buildings’ “rock star” sales team, world-class manufacturers, and an in-house operations team to deliver tailored solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Problem-Solving: A Standout Trait

One of Taylor’s standout traits is his ability to navigate and overcome challenges efficiently. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, he consistently finds innovative solutions that keep projects on track and ensure successful outcomes.

A Solid Foundation: Education and Experience

Taylor’s academic background in engineering and economics has provided him with a strong foundation for organizing and processing large volumes of project data, as well as a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of pre-engineered projects. This educational background, combined with his practical experience in the field, has equipped him with a comprehensive skill set that sets him apart.

A Balanced Life: Embracing Adventure and Family

Outside of work, Taylor is deeply passionate about staying active and engaging with the outdoors. He finds joy in hiking, endurance sports, and appreciating natural beauty, reflecting his zest for adventure and exploration. At the same time, he values quality time with his growing family, whether it’s spending a quiet evening at home or embarking on a family road trip adventure.

A Dynamic Approach: “Leap from the Plane, Armed with Tools”

Taylor’s favorite quote or life motto, “Leap from the plane, armed with tools, and weave my parachute on the exhilarating descent,” encapsulates his dynamic approach to both his professional and personal life. It speaks to his readiness to face challenges head-on, armed with the necessary tools and confidence to navigate the journey successfully.

Driving Success at ROI Metal Buildings

As the COO at ROI Metal Buildings, Taylor Fatheree’s leadership style is characterized by a deep understanding of the industry, a commitment to client success, and a personal philosophy that embraces both risk and opportunity. With his solid blend of technical knowledge, operational management experience, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, Taylor is driving the company’s success and setting new standards in the metal building sales industry.