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Metal Building Specials

These Commercial and Residential Metal Building Specials are priced for quick delivery and design. When we clone a metal building design that is simple with readily available material, we give you the savings from engineering and the overhead of a custom build. These specials are designed to be budget friendly, with the most commonly purchased lengths, widths, and height.

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The Thirty

30x60x14 - Metal Building Special
30 x 60 x 14
WAS $32,185 NOW $29,259

This is one of the most common metal building sizes for commercial and residential applications. It’s great for a detached garage, shop, equipment storage, and nearly limitless commercial and residential purposes. 

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Limited Inventory

The Fifty

50x100x16 - Metal Building Special
50 x 100 x 16
WAS $61,762 NOW $56,147

Used for an array of different purposes from garages, shops, agricultural storage, equipment, and more. This metal building special brings a decent size and a large value for commercial and residential purposes.

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The Sixty

60x120x16 - Metal Building Special
60 x 120 x 16
WAS $90,161 NOW $81,694

This metal building is similar to “The Fifty”, with larger openings for easier access for larger equipment. This is a great option for residential or commercial storage.

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Limited Inventory

The Eighty

80x150x16 - Metal Building Special
80 x 150 x 16
WAS $139,123 NOW $126,475

This metal building is similar to “The Sixty”, with more overall square footage. This is a great option for residential or commercial storage or garage or shop operations.

The Beginner

WAS $55,650 NOW $39,779
New to self-storage, or just have a good market for the basics? This building is a great value for testing which unit mixes will bring the most ROI to your

The Basic

WAS $55,650 NOW $35,417
Designed for the 10×20 enthusiast. This building is designed with back-to-back 10x20s. Ideal for customers who know the 10×20 is their go to for ROI.

The Small Boat

WAS $55,650 NOW $32,800
Have a piece of property in a great fishing spot? The Boat will accommodate most small to medium sized boats. It includes 10×10 doors and an extra 3.5′ of height to fit larger, taller boats, or even just bigger toys! Optimized storage in a 12×35 unit layout!

***All specials are priced for immediate sale, please inquire for custom loadings and designs, site planning, etc.

***Install Available in over 25 states!

***Pricing subject to change based on material availability.