For over 25 years, Ryan Cox has dedicated his career to the steel industry. As CEO and Founder of ROI Metal Buildings, he leads with integrity, passion, and purpose.

A Leader Driven by Core Values

Ryan founded ROI 15 years ago to transform the metal buildings industry. He recognized the importance of strategic planning and delivering unmatched value to each client. That’s why ROI isn’t just a name – it’s a commitment.

With over three decades of executive experience, Ryan intimately understands how to turn goals into realities. He’s served as CEO and COO for industry leaders, equipping him to drive ROI’s growth.

But for Ryan, success is measured by more than revenue. It’s about upholding the values that matter most.

Built on a Foundation of Trust

According to Ryan, “Our success stems from listening to clients’ needs and delivering tailored solutions.” He knows that no two projects are alike. By taking the time to listen, Ryan ensures that ROI builds structures that meet clients’ unique specifications.

Ryan also listens to his team, encouraging ideas that enhance ROI’s customer service. He firmly believes that supporting employees results in higher quality work and greater client satisfaction.

By valuing input from all stakeholders, Ryan has built a company rooted in trust. Clients trust that ROI will deliver cost-effective buildings customized to their requirements. Employees trust that their perspectives are heard. And Ryan trusts that his team will produce their best work.

Driven by a Higher Purpose

Ryan brings this same level of care and commitment to his philanthropic work. He is passionate about supporting food programs that address hunger globally.

Ryan also generously gives his time as a strategic advisor for local nonprofits. He enjoys mentoring young professionals to help prepare them for leadership roles.

For Ryan, making a positive impact matters just as much as driving profits. By integrating social responsibility into ROI’s culture, he’s created an organization that benefits communities as well as clients.

An Industry Leader Who Puts People First

After three decades leading in the steel industry, Ryan’s integrity, focus, and compassion are stronger than ever. His long-term commitment to ROI Metal Buildings showcases the stability and vision he brings to the role.

Ryan stands out as a CEO who sees the human side of business. By listening to clients and employees, he’s built an organization that transforms goals into reality. Ryan’s leadership proves that doing things the right way is also doing what’s best for business.