Ryan Cox

Founder & CEO

With 15 years at the helm of several companies and a decade in the steel industry, Ryan Cox has not only witnessed but also engineered the evolution of ROI from a promising startup to a leader in the building trades.

Strategic Leadership and Vision

As the visionary behind ROI, Ryan stands out for his strategic approach to leadership. The name ‘ROI’ itself reflects the essence of his mission: to ensure every client engagement maximizes Return on Investment. This commitment is rooted in a deep understanding of client needs, which Ryan regards as the cornerstone of his strategy. His ability to internalize and prioritize these needs ensures that both the company and its clients consistently achieve their goals.

Unique Approach to Client Engagement

What sets Ryan apart is his exceptional listening skills. He believes in the value of truly understanding what is important to clients, employees, family, and friends. This ability allows him to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations, making him a distinguished figure in the industry.

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Ryan’s extensive leadership experience includes roles as CEO, COO, and founder over the last 30 years, focusing on enhancing the customer experience. His dedication to this area has been a lifelong pursuit, marking him as a leader continually striving for perfection in client engagement.

Commitment to Community

Outside the office, Ryan dedicates himself to humanitarian efforts, particularly participating in food programs aimed at alleviating poverty. His commitment extends beyond business to fostering well-being in communities both developing and developed.

A Life Guided by Action

Ryan lives by the motto “Just do it” a reflection of his proactive, results-driven approach. This philosophy not only fuels his professional endeavors but also inspires his team and clients to strive for immediate and impactful action.

Driving ROI Towards Future Success

Under Ryan’s leadership, ROI continues to set benchmarks in the building industry. His blend of strategic foresight, personal integrity, and community involvement ensures that ROI is not just a company, but a positive force in the industry and beyond.