Founder/Senior Account Executive

After working for 17 years with previous employer, now venturing out on my own so I can serve client’s with a broader range of metal building options and unique opportunities for revenue.

How has your previous experience helped prepare you for this role:

  • Experience working with commercial and private customers on a wide range of projects including self- storage, oil and gas, recreation centers, riding arenas, barns, hangars, residential, and more. Have sold multi-phase projects with large buildings.  Have developed an extensive network of vendors, suppliers, and contractors.  Robust understanding of metal building manufacturing, parts/components, building and permitting, etc.


How do you help your clients achieve their goals:

  • I strive to build trusting relationships with my clients by creating value and ease of burden related to the purchasing process. I listen to clients to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals. I provide clients with detailed education on metal building products as well as the building process.   From start to finish, I offer support, guidance and creative problem solving to ensure timely completion of the job. 


What makes you unique in how you perform your job:

  • My passion for the metal building industry is exemplified throughout the client experience. I pride myself on having integrity aiming to promote transparency and education while focusing on the end goal. Working at the client’s pace, I do not pressure but provide solutions and support.


Do you have any special training or certifications that apply to this role:

  • Training in metal building engineering software.


What do you like to do outside of work:

  • Man of God.  Husband, dad of three, coach.  Attend kids’ multiple sporting events.  Biking, healthy living, foodie, professional sporting events, music.


What is your favorite quote or life motto:

  • Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. (C.S. Lewis)