Dave Maxe

Founder/Senior Account Executive

After working for 17 years with previous employer, now venturing out on my own so I can serve client’s with a broader range of metal building options and unique opportunities for revenue.

A Passion for Craftsmanship and Client Success

At ROI Metal Buildings, we take pride in our founder, Dave Maxe, a seasoned professional with an unwavering commitment to excellence. With over 18 years of industry experience, Dave has honed his expertise in metal building sales, guiding clients through every phase of their projects with unparalleled skill and dedication.

Extensive Experience, Comprehensive Solutions

Dave’s journey in the metal building industry began nearly two decades ago, and his passion for the craft has only grown stronger over time. Throughout his career, he has worked with a diverse range of clients, from commercial enterprises to private individuals, tackling projects of varying scopes and complexities. From self-storage units and oil and gas structures to recreation centers, riding arenas, barns, hangars, and residential buildings, Dave has left an indelible mark on countless projects.

A Trusted Partner, Every Step of the Way

What sets Dave apart is his holistic approach to metal building solutions. He understands that every project is unique, and he takes the time to listen to his clients’ needs, goals, and preferences. With a deep understanding of metal building manufacturing, parts, components, building processes, and permitting requirements, Dave guides his clients through the entire journey, offering creative problem-solving and unwavering support.

Building Trust Through Transparency

At the core of Dave’s philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to integrity and transparency. He believes in educating his clients, empowering them with knowledge about products, processes, and best practices. By fostering an environment of trust and open communication, Dave ensures that his clients make informed decisions that align with their vision and budget.

A Network of Excellence

Dave’s success is further bolstered by his extensive network of vendors, suppliers, and contractors. Over the years, he has cultivated relationships with industry leaders, ensuring access to the highest-quality materials and services. This network, combined with his specialized training in metal building engineering software, enables Dave to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

A Life Well-Lived, A Legacy of Excellence

Beyond his professional achievements, Dave is a devoted family man and a person of faith. He finds joy in coaching his three children’s sporting events and embracing an active, healthy lifestyle. From biking to exploring culinary delights and attending professional sporting events, Dave’s zest for life is infectious.

A Guiding Principle: Integrity Above All

Dave’s favorite quote, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching,” by C.S. Lewis, encapsulates his unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and transparency. It serves as a constant reminder of the values that have shaped his personal and professional journey, and it is a testament to the principles that guide every interaction with his clients.

Your Partner in Metal Building Excellence

At ROI Metal Buildings, we are proud to have Dave Maxe at the helm, a visionary leader who embodies the very essence of our company’s values. With his wealth of experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Dave is the trusted partner you need to bring your metal building dreams to life. Contact us today and experience the difference that comes with working with a true industry expert.